Almost every moment in our life is an emotional one, yet there is that special fraction of a second that attracts my attention and causes my finger to click on the camera.

In this special moment the exterior image connects with the emotion within me. Capturing the image, I perpetuate both the moment and the emotion with which it has connected. Later, when I examine the frames, I make up the story behind the shots. Sometimes I manage to have a conversation with my photographed people. They share with me their emotional moments, and that, in a way, makes me a partner. These are feelings that I will carry with me for a long time.

My favorite subject is street photography, and my focus is on people. In my travels all over the world, armed with my camera, I keep looking around for interesting and moving scenes. Sometimes all I need is a heightened perception of my surroundings. Then I use my imagination. The camera taught me how to see things I didn't really see before. Furthermore, the camera allows me to communicate with strangers of all ages and gives me the legitimacy to do so. Most of my shots are presented to these people and are approved by them, not only in terms of their appearance, but also in the overall view of the picture and what it expresses.

Graduated from Shenkar   Fashion Design Institute in Ramat – Gan.

M.A. in Political Science / University of Haifa.

I became an amateur photographer a few years ago, thanks to my companion who is a professional photographer. He taught me everything I know. He was the one who urged me to observe in a different way. He taught me to look beyond what I see, to search for a meaning to my pictures. Suddenly everything burst out of me. Perhaps deep inside there was a latent urge to create and express myself. As the years passed I felt that I had reached the stage where I wanted to progress professionally.  I became the student of a famous woman photographer in Israel, and she has , been my mentor and the curator of  two of my exhibitions. Then I became a student of Rami Mymon, a great artist and photographer.

 I shoot mostly in black and white as I find it very dramatic. There's a great range of shades on this scale.

 In recent years I have been busy photographing projects that have been exhibited. Since 2018 I have been focusing on the photography project "Fathers and Sons."  I travel around the country, photographing fathers and sons who represent the Israeli population: Jews, Arabs, ultra-Orthodox, secular, Bedouin, Circassians, Druze.

Alongside this and during the COVID 19 pandemia, I did not stop shooting. During 2020-2021 I participated in three group exhibitions on a variety of topics. Some of my photographs are displayed for about a year and a half on an artist's wall at Yair Lahav's Center. 


Solo Exhibitions 

2015- Feb. -"Working Settlement" – Tel Aviv Opera House  2015.  Curator – U. Rosenwein.

2015 May- "Working Settlement" – Beit Gabriel in the Sea of Galilee.

2016 September – "Krinitzi 104" – Artists House, Tel Aviv .  Curator – N. Yarden.

 2017 July- "Craftsmen" – Tel Aviv Artists House.  Curator  – N. Yarden.

2018 April – May – "Thanks to your hands" / Beit Gabriel, Galillee.

2018 May – "Working Settlement" / Tel Aviv University / Social Sciences Library.

2019 January-February – "Thanks to your hands" / Tel Aviv University.

Group exhibitions

2018 January – Craftsmen / Rishon Lezion Arts Center.

2019 February – "Thanks to your palms" / Vienna

2019 July – Craftsmen / Grand Art Gallery Haifa.

2020 August – One hundred meters from the house / Rothschild Outdoor Exhibition Tel Aviv.

2020 November Tools / Pyramid Haifa "Central 1 Haifa"

2021 November  – In Praise of the Shadows / Yavne Art Workshop.

Photo albums

  Each exhibition produced an album.   In addition, I produced an album of international portraits and an album of my first trip to Morocco (March-April 2017). An album of my second trip to Morocco, which took place in September 2017, is currently in process.

Along with my great love of photography, I dug out stories I wrote in the past, and in a burst of enthusiasm and creativity I went back to writing short stories added to those from the past.


2017 – Publication of two series of photographs in a special issue of the end of the year: LENS MAGAZINE / Leading Photography Magazine

2018 – Publication of photographic works in a special issue of the end of the year: LENS MAGAZINE / Leading Photography Magazine

2021 – Collect the deeds / 100 years to Ein Harod Ihud / Photos of the kibbutz are included in the book.